technological deficiency

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted in quite some time.

A lot has happened. My laptop broke one fateful night when dropped. I just got it fixed.

During this time I’ve started a new job making what I can truly consider a “living wage” and adopted an awesome cat named Asimov. I used the time without a computer to find other things to focus on for the sake of sanity. I bought some awesome speakers so I could listen to music, and have really enjoyed the difference in sound quality and the presence of BASS.

I read quite a lot, most notably a CS Lewis Sci-fi (though I would pin it more to fantasy) trilogy– Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength. It was some of the richest reading I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. The environments he invents for the planets in the stories and his descriptions of them are beyond any expectations I had for space-scapes– nearly palpable and so completely removed from the known, yet with a beautifully elegant logic. The story itself can get a bit preachy, and I had to break the trilogy up with other books that were sufficiently secular in nature to be able to finish it, but I’m glad that I did. By the end I had gained an appreciation for CS Lewis’s notion of religion (at least as conveyed in these books), an uber-naturalistic spiritualism that has no regard for the modern convention of religious practice. I still don’t quite accept the selflessness he propagates, but I see the underlying intention and appreciate it.

Other notable reads: Secret Realms and Ender’s Game– somewhat similar in premise, though very different situations. Both were incredibly profound. Cosm was a good read though some of the character development wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, it turned out to be almost a Randian take on a scientist and her discovery, by the end very profound. The Witch of the Low Tide was a murder mystery which I intensely enjoyed, the writing style was excellent and the plot well crafted.

I hope to continue reading even though I now have all the forms of technology I desire at my disposal. I found it to be both relaxing and very mentally stimulating, though it takes effort to find those really good books. Recommendations from friends help.

I also got around to rearranging my furniture to better use the space I have available, definitely along the lines of feng shui though I just go off of my feelings and observations from living in the space. I try to make the physical arrangement match what kind of energy the space has to offer. I now have what feels like a proper living room, which I actually feel like hanging out in for doing awake stuff, which opens to a small foyer mostly empty with plants and other decorations, a corner for bikes, and lots of space for kitty to run/roll around and play with toys. I also feel the new bedroom is more restful. The overall flow is pretty nice, helps me move from one thing to the next the way I’d like to.

Oh yes, and plants. I’ve managed to collect a nice little entourage of plants and am actually maintaining them fairly well. Definitely brings some added life and warmth to my space, though it can be tough to manage the conflicting demand for window space with the kitty. He respects them fairly well with minimal exceptions for feline petulance.

I am definitely glad to have the internet back in my life. Especially in such a dreadfully provincial town, it’s vital to be able to reach out to the rest of the world and to learn of events that have an impact on my existence. There’s also such a large expansion of creative options, including what I am doing this very second.

That being said, I think a break was definitely a positive. As soon as I adjusted to living without a computer I realized my feelings of self loathing had pretty much disappeared. My general mental disposition has been much more pleasant. The internet is a tool with many useful and meaningful applications, but it’s too easily a quick fix for distraction beyond any real benefit. So far Asimov has been a great help in reminding me how pleasant my physical reality here is and how much better I feel if I don’t become completely enraptured in the digital world and step away from the computer once I’ve accomplished what I intended to.

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One Response to technological deficiency

  1. bonersling420 says:

    I remember being glad you read Cosm and Secret Realms! I remember recommending them to you!


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