I’m on the cusp of another change in my life. I still don’t know how exactly the cards will fall, but I know I’m shuffling around the dynamic of stresses vs benefits of my day to day life and I feel good about that.

For some reason I have a desire to say more, but any words that I form inevitably try to pin down the unknown, which I really have no desire to do.

I find it difficult to relax in the period before exciting events. Nothing I can do will make it happen sooner, but the comfort of a depressing routine just doesn’t hold up when you have so much hope. There’s energy bursting forth with no place as of yet to go. I remind myself there’s no reason to think the self-boredom will persist against coming changes, but that doesn’t really help right now. I have such an itching desire for something significant, someway to articulate my feelings of energetic hope.

Which I suppose I have just done.

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