Harrisburg, PA

It’s a very different sort of place, but it’s growing on me in its own way. There’s a LOT that I miss about Houston, but I’ve lived there my whole life and intend to live there again, indefinitely. I’m enjoying the things about Harrisburg that are different.

For the lack of variety in places to go and be with sympathetic humanity, there is a homey beauty that permeates nearly everywhere outside. I don’t know what it is exactly– I would wager the milder heat and abundance of precipitation before spring– but the plants grow in such an effortless way here, everywhere. Different kinds of plants, too. Lots of ferns. The concept of ‘sprawl’ as we know it in Houston does not exist here. There are commercial strips, but they are isolated and not far from the kind of roads it takes hours to get to from Houston. I’m not sure I would advocate this overall, I think it works better in some places than others, but it certainly makes for enjoyable aesthetics.

One of the main doubts I had about moving here was finding a place to stay. Domesticity and romance do not combine well in my world. Amazingly, just as it was really absolutely imperitive to find a place, I managed to find an apt for rent, availble with month to month lease. I fell in love with this place as soon as I was inside. It’s the first floor of a very old two story house, I would guess from 1900-1920s. It’s honestly not in the best shape objectively, but the wear and tear just makes it that much more attractive to me. It’s absolutely livable and it has great personality. At times it’s a bit frustrating, I deal with a lot of spiders, occasional centipedes, and now ants in the kitchen. But even with those annoyances (which are more than minor since I really really dislike killing bugs), I adore this place.

Besides a large kitchen, there are three separate rooms, so I’ve got a living room, a bedroom, and what I’m using as my work room, which looks out over a splendid display of urban decay– the house next door to this one is abandoned and condemned, the side of the brick house has fallen out in a large spot adjacent to this room, leaving the innards exposed. I have a sizable back yard with a covered porch, and there is a big sprawling tree, lots of grass and bushes, and flowers that are either wild or were planted previously and flourish off of rain and sunshine with no cultivation. There are stairs that go up to the second floor’s balcony, and being apparently unused for a very long time, the bushes have grown over the stairs, and it has become an absolute favorite spot for a few neighborhood cats to nap. They also sometimes hang out around the abandoned house, whose backyard is open to mine and is positively overgrown with bushes and flowers. I’ve got windows in every single room, and there are shelves built into the wall in the living room. There is nice, old darkwood accenting all over the house. I absolutely love this place.

Here are some pictures:

I really don’t know how long I’ll stay here, but I’m definitely not ready to move on just yet.

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