strange weekend

Ever since one of my neighbors decided to yell loudly on the landing outside at 7am this Sunday, my weekend has been just a bit … off kilter.

My window has been open as I relish the last of this luxuriously cool weather, and I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I stayed up and sleepily enjoyed a lazy day, ended up crashing at about 9pm after watching Schizopolis, which is an awesome mind bending movie that really fit in with the sort of twitchy feeling I had going on. I ended up waking up around 3am, enjoyed some more relaxation. I made up a killer playlist at random and ended up drawing a very proud looking tree. I had intended on some night biking, but it was actually still a bit cool for me. I figured I’d wait until the sun was up to venture out. I wanted to procure some nicer quality colored pencils to color my delicately detailed pencil drawing and I’ve had a hankering for some clay, so I figured I’d stop by the art shop.

I napped and then woke up hungry again. After much internal debate and hard scrutinizing of preferences, I did manage to eventually go and get food … just before it started raining… for the last time that day. So though I did wait some for the rain to subside before actually biking home with the groceries, I got wet and then there was no further rain to be enjoyed. Having gotten a good amount of food meeting my current moody requirements, I was finally able to eat enough to get ahead of my own hunger and make it out of the apartment a second time.

I was again surprised by the amount of people in the park, especially being that today is Monday. I’m assuming it’s because the weather is still cool and everyone will turn into pansies in the summer and stay inside, and I’ll have the bayou I’m used to. I really don’t mind that other people enjoy the park … but it does cramp my style for it to be so crowded. I look forward to the sweltering heat, hiding in the shade and sweating constantly.

Here’s some pictures I took:

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