it’s definitely spring

Today I enjoyed what I hope to be the last of the cold weather in the park.

I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly the butterflies were today. The kept darting into my field of vision to get my attention, then they’d pose in front of me just long enough to pull me in, then move. While one was posing, another flew up and they played a game of chase. After that I had great fun playing chase with the butterflies and after a while one of them, I believe the original butterfly that caught my attention, stayed on a small plant near me for a good while and I got to take a nice close look at their pretty, pretty wings.

The park was rather full of people as it has seemed to be on sundays lately, especially since I am most likely to be lured out by a blue sky. I kept riding on, stopping along the way to attempt finding a good spot to relax for a while. I brought a small blanket to sit on and some interesting books as well as a few other things. I kept riding on until the I finally found a good spot kinda halfway into the trees that I could sit for a good while, alternatingly reading and gazing at the bayou. I took a few self portraints with sally’s help, using the gradient of the bank of the bayou to my advantage.

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