community art

The truth is there is no Oasis. Truth is fluid, but for now, I have to accept that I’m doing good to be on a greener path, and find water along the way where I can. Sometimes, that water isn’t where I thought it would be. This has been a dry weekend, but I’ve made the best of it anyway.

The past week’s freezing weather had me feeling like a prisoner in my own home. Work is ramping up to a stressful fever pitch, I deal but not effortlessly. The coming of the weekend is much appreciated, and especially waking up to 60+ degree weather and a blue sky overhead giving me a chance for freedom. I had a glorious omnivore breakfast of bacon and eggs and broccoli, scrambled in the bacon grease. It’s amazing, almost a high in itself as the protein, fat, and vitamins sink in to my hungry body. Weekdays I’m pretty bad with breakfast, lucky to get one egg in me, lately.

Cabin fever had definitely started to sink in as I had not been able to convince myself to go outside AT ALL when it was literally freezing. If it snowed in Houston I wouldn’t have known, I was too busy keeping my toes from freezing.

Opening my door and seeing a blue sky all of the sudden I realized… the air… it’s not cold. I flew around and put on some suitable clothing and headed out on the bike. I felt like a newly released prisoner as the tree tops flew past over my head.

Once in the park I was enjoying cruising around, taking in the sunshine and sights, and I found a spot that really pulled me in. Luckily I did bring my camera and I took some more photos after this, but I particularly feel like sharing these:

I have special affinity for graffiti, especially seeing it nestled into an unkempt natural setting like this. I also for some reason was inspired by this scene to start referring to graffiti as “community art” for fun.

Also here is Sally, lit up in the glory of a erm, “blue” bayou. She’s holding my sweater and scarf for me since it is so nice and warm. :)

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