september day in the park

Today I woke up with plenty of delicious food in my refrigerator and a ride from a friend to get my bike fixed. The next obvious step was to head to the park and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

I find the closer I pay attention the more and more amazing detail I find in a park nestled in the middle of a busy city center. The insectoid inhabitants of the park continually grab my attention. Some are mysteriously beautiful and elusive, nearly bringing me to tears in the hopes that they might grant me a prolonged glance or perhaps even an opportunity for a photo. Some appear threatening, though interesting and make sure I keep my distance while admiring them by randomly flying brutishly toward me. Others are cute and impish or painfully shy and seem to dance around me, teasing me and leading me along in the hopes I can train my camera on them long enough to get a photo of their delicate little visage. I become entranced in the pursuit of them, and often after enough time some will start to trust me enough (or perhaps it’s all random, maybe they feel like resting) to stay still on some leaf or mound of dirt near to me. When this happens I feel I am making a new friend, and I feel very very content. Today I met a few male damselflies, similar to Ms. Frau Bluka whom I’d met previously in a different part of the park. After researching her I found that she is an evolutionary gender-bender, resembling the male of her species in appearance to ward off unwanted sexual advances. It was interesting to meet her male counterpart. He was a little more brave with letting me get very close to him, and less inclined to the sort of animated hopping from object to object I remember from Ms. Frau Bluka.

Here are some of the photos I took:

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2 Responses to september day in the park

  1. Eric says:

    I would like to come with you on a bug-following adventure.


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